"Barbie and the Beast"

Original Overview:

Barbie Bradley, single, twenty-something Miami high school teacher's New Year's resolution is to find a man. There is a lot of competition for this particular resolution.

She longs for cold winter nights in flannel pajamas with her head resting on some nice guy's shoulder. And breakfasts in bed, with sex for dessert. She wants a diamond ring of whatever size and clarity, as long as it was bigger than a breadbox and sparkles brilliantly in all light sources. Presented to her, of course, (is there any other way?) by a guy, her guy, down on one knee.

The Cape Cod house with a white picket fence image is occurring with a startling regularity. The fact that her Barbie doll namesake (Mattel, Inc) has never actually made it to the altar with Ken, having been designated to perpetual bridesmaid status, or to "dream wedding" status, has ceased to make her laugh.

What Barbie Bradley really wants is to find Mister Right, instead of Mister Right Now. To this end, she and her best friend and hairdresser Angie Ward have made a pact to try anything . . . Anything short of actually attending a singles party in graveyard, that is.

But that's where they have ended up. Forest Lawn Cemetery.

And though this seems way TOO bizarre to be true, and the phrase "men to die for" might turn out to be more than just a joke, what the two women do possess is a spirited sense of adventure. As well as firm adherence to a rather silly vow.

And though living up to the name "Barbie" has been quite the task, on this night, in Miami's Forest Lawn Cemetery, Barbie Bradley just might finally have come up with an accessory the doll never had. A werewolf.

And maybe . . . also . . . possibly . . . real live husband potential?

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